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Applying for a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) medical Certificate or Reconsideration? Click Begin.

Read our helpful tips before starting your online application:

  • We recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience.
  • You’ll need an Aviation Reference Number (ARN).
  • You’ll need a valid email address recorded with CASA. Personal information will be sent to this email address. You can update your email address in CASA Self Service or by sending details to
  • Make sure you enter all of your given names when confirming your identity.
  • You can exit and finish your application later at any stage.
  • Unless you are applying for a Basic Class 2, your complete medical history must be submitted in MRS before you see a DAME.
  • If you’re not sure about the answer to a question, you can select ‘unsure’ and the DAME can add information or make changes when you have your examination.
  • You’ll need to agree to our terms and conditions before you can submit your medical history.
  • You can check the progress of your application by clicking on the link in the email you will receive.
  • Once you have completed and submitted your medical history in MRS, you have 90 days to see your DAME for your medical examination. After this time, your application will be deactivated and the DAME will be unable to access your medical.
  • Read more MRS tips including payment information or Contact us.