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Welcome to MRS!

We are currently processing a large number of aviation medical certificates. We’re working through these as quickly as possible, but it could be several weeks before applicants hear back from us after submitting through MRS.

Authorised DAMEs can help speed up the process for applicants by:

  • recommending in MRS that certificates be issued without further CASA review to those who meet the criteria

  • reminding applicants who are booking appointments for basic class 2 medical certificates that these can be issued by any medical practitioner who does medicals for commercial motor vehicle drivers.

These small steps can help make the process significantly quicker and easier for applicants who meet the criteria.

It will also help free up our staff to focus on class 1 medical applications and renewals, and medical applications and renewals in other classes that require a CASA review.

If you’re not sure whether you can issue a class 2 or basic class medical certificate, or if you’re unsure about exercising your delegation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Find out more about who can issue different classes of medical certificate.